S48 – Turismo nascosto: sfide della mobilità turistica non-convenzionale / Hidden tourism: challenges of unconventional tourism mobility

COORDINATORI: Anna Irimiás, University of Trento; Gábor Michalkó, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


CHAIR: Anna Irimiás e Gábor Michalkó

Sara Belotti
Il turismo “sommerso” tra sharing economy e condivisione degli spazi come nuova forma di accoglienza: il caso del Sebino

András Jancsik
Disruption or development? Revealing the characteristics of the peer-to-peer accommodation market in Budapest

Mihály Tömöri, Gábor Michalkó, Géza Tóth, Áron Kincses
Investigating the hidden aspects of transit tourism in Hungary

Gábor Bódis
Be seen in the Unseen? Identification of the invisible aspects of tourism

Júlia Magyar-Papp, Dóra Bálint
New-type of tourism: Airbnb and its spreading in Hungary

Gábor Michalkó, Katalin Juhász-Dóra, Anna Irimiás
Social media picture analysis to explore hidden tourism potentials of green energy plants

Anna Irimiás
Hidden tourism aspects of the cultural industries: the role of European film makers’ cooperation in destination awareness