S45 – Spazi, potere, e la produzione di ciò che è politico / Spaces, power, and the production of the political

COORDINATORI: Abel Polese, Dublin City University and Tallinn University; Filippo Menga, University of Manchester


CHAIR: Filippo Menga

Abel Polese
Norms vs laws in the making of development: an alternative explanation of informality

Filippo Menga
Situating the political in water politics

Andrea Zinzani
Spaces of Informal Practices between Development Policies and State Politics: Evidence from the Talas Waterscape Borderlands (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan)

Oleksandra Seliverstova
Exploring the Imaginary West in Western Ukraine or How to Understand Modern Ukrainian Identity through Everyday Practices

Rustamjon Urinboyev
Informality and Migration Governance in Russia


CHAIR: Simone Ranocchiari

Francesco Chiodelli
The multifaceted politics of informality in Jerusalem at the time of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Ana Maria Vargas Falla
Rickshaw Drivers Contesting the Formalization of Urban Spaces

Jan Koehler
Dynamics of peripheral governance in Eurasia

Lidia Monza
Urban visions: Milano 2 and Celebration as models for a new social order

Simone Ranocchiari, Claudia Grasso
From self-management of a space to the self-government of a city: ‘Decide Roma’ as a new grassroots municipalist initiative

DISCUSSANT: Francesco Chiodelli