S33 – Mobilità mediterranee, crisi ‘rifugiati’ e mutamenti dell’identità e relazioni dell’Europa / Mediterranean Mobilities, refugees crisis, Europe changing identities and relationships

COORDINATORI: Maria Paradiso, Università del Sannio


CHAIR: Maria Paradiso

Anna Casaglia, James W. Scott
European identity through the crisis: the politicization of migration and East-West divide

Dragan Umek, Claudio Minca, Danica Šantić
Serbia on the “Balkan Route” and its Strategic Role in the European Border Regime

Alun Jones, Vincent Durac
Arab Student Perspectives on European Elite Constructions of the Mediterranean

Marco Accorinti, Pietro Demurtas, Mattia Vitiello
The refugee crisis and the flows of unaccompanied minors: asylum seekers and work seekers?

Norbert Pop, Viktor Glied
The Hungarian Border Barrier and Islam

CHAIR: Alun Jones

Hussein Al-Rimmawi
Faith of Palestinian Refugee Camps in Syria in the Amid of the so called Arab Spring

Naji Kehdy
The influence of the Syrian refugees on the underground water resources. Case of the Beqaa region

Mauro Spotorno, Abdellatif Tribak, Virginia Bruzzone, Glenda Franchetti Rosada
The sub-saharian immigrants in Morocco. The case study of Fès

Cayetano Fernández, Maria Luisa Sierra, David Chinarro
Climate change-induced migration in Morocco

Mauro Mauro Spotorno, Stefania Mangano, Paolo Parciasepe
Turism mobilities, climate and political change

CHAIR: Itzhak Schnell

Luca Deravignone
Migro perché sono: quanto l’identità influenza la decisione di migrare?

Antoine Le Blanc
Networks and mobilities in Europe through the lens of a non visible minority. The example of LGBT sports tournaments

Barbara Staniscia
La mobilità internazionale dei giovani italiani altamente qualificati. Motivazioni, esperienze, aspettative

Mauro Spotorno
Gentrification and European entrepreneurships in Marrakesh

Olivier Lefebvre
The rise and fall of ISIS in the light of existing theory

SLOT 4/5) PANEL: The crisis of refugee mobility and its implications for European identity and relationships
CHAIR: Maria Paradiso

Antoine Bailly, Academia Europaea (London) and University of Genève (Switzerland)

Marie Bengtsson, National Coordinator European Migration Network, EMN Sweden

Corrado Bonifazi, former NCP EMN group Italy, Director . Italian National Council of Research Dept. of Population and Social Policies studies (Italy)

Thomas Lacroix, Associate Director , MIGRINTER University of Poitiers (France)

Parvati Nair, Director of the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM) (Spain and UK)

Paolo Naso, University La Sapienza and Coordinator of the Italy Council on Islam

Norbert Pap, Director of Centre of Eastern-Mediterranean and Balkan Studies UP Magyar Geografus, University of Pecs (Hungary)

Adolfo Sommaribas, National Contact Point European Migration Network and University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Klaus Zimmermann, Academia Europaea (London) Co-Director UNU-MERIT Mastricht University (The Netherlands and Germany)

CHAIR: Armando Montanari

Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Alina Esteves, Jennifer McGarrigle
Moroccans in the Algarve: integration and links with the home country

Lamari Oukarfi Paradiso Sattar
Virtual mobilities Italy- Morocco and Mediterranean connections

Ahmed Abdollah, Ouidad Tebbaa, Saïd Boujrouf, Mohamed El Aklaa
Return Migration in Morocco.  Integration, Territorial recomposition and Development Issues Focus on the territories of Marrakech and Kelaa des Sraghnas

Mohamed Alouat
Social networks as a tool for e-participation in sustainable urban development in Algiers

Maria Paradiso, Izhak Schnell
Patterns of Arab, Italian and Moroccan minorities’ integration in Israel, Morocco and Italy