S19 – Governance, rischi ed eventi naturali: attori e conflitti / Governance, risks and natural events: actors and conflicts

COORDINATORI: Fabio Carnelli, Università di Milano-Bicocca; Giuseppe Forino, University of Newcastle (Australia); Fausto Marincioni, Università Politecnica delle Marche.


CHAIR: Fabio Carnelli e Giuseppe Forino

Charlotte Monteil
Recovering from a volcanic disaster: the challenges of building resilience

Kseniia Puzyreva
Local knowledge as a mechanism of hazard mitigation in English and Russian flood prone communities

Sara Altamore, Venera Pavone
From risk perception to ecological project: a case of flood risk mitigation in urban areas

Fulvio Toseroni
The Utopia of zero risk. Multi Criteria Decision Analysis applied to risk management; the experience of the European project LIFE PRIMES

DISCUSSANT: Fausto Marincioni

CHAIR: Fabio Carnelli e Giuseppe Forino

Stefano Ancilli
Governance and emergency planning: insights from the 2016 Central Italy earthquake

Ivan Frigerio
Combining social vulnerability and seismic hazard to produce integrated risk scenarios

Matteo Colleoni, Oscar Azzimonti, Ivan Frigerio
Social vulnerability and environmental risks. The results of a study in Lombardy region.

Cristiano Pesaresi, Diego Gallinelli
GIS4RISKS: period of construction and outcomes of compliance with safety standards in L’Aquila (2009)

Maria Teresa Carone, Mauro Barontini
Trust in institutions and risk perception: what point of view?

DISCUSSANT: Fausto Marincioni

CHAIR: Fabio Carnelli e Giuseppe Forino

Benigno Balgos
Urban Risk Governance: Actors, Aspirations, and Actions

Federica Appiotti
River Contracts and Risk Governance at local level: the Misa/Nevola River Contract process

Silvia Pitzalis
Governance and risk after an earthquake: a comparison between Emilia and Central-Italy

Marilin Mantineo, Sergio Scarfì
Observing the disaster from the outskirts

Lidia Monza
Forms of social innovation in situations of crisis

DISCUSSANT: Fausto Marincioni